Winsome – “attractive or appealing in appearance or character.”

Haven – “a place of safety or refuge.”

“Winsome Haven” is the name we initially gave to our first home together as a polyamourous triad.  High on a hill above the Coburg Penninsula in Victoria, BC with a bird estuary and a popular beach area., it felt like a secluded sanctuary.  It was a larger house with expansive common areas including a dining room that comfortably seated 20 or more people.  We were able to welcome family, extended family and members of both the local polyamory and writers communities for regular events.

We have since moved to a smaller townhouse on the shore of the Gorge Waterway which maintains the secluded sanctuary appeal and continues to host albeit smaller gatherings.   Winsome Haven still refers to our home and those that gather there.  This is our story that we share with you.